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This Woman’s Infused Ice Drawer Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

So what if it is bougie? We still love it!

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When it comes to ice, we are usually either talking about the messy stuff that we hate to drive on, ice cream cones, or what kind of ice is better and from which store. (My personal favorite just so happens to be Sonic, for me!) I love the different shapes of ice and the shapes that you can get, especially when you go out and buy different molds to create shapes!

But there is one woman on TikTok who has got me, and I think most of us, are absolutely beat when it comes to the ice department! So let’s check out Kami Larae and her infused ice restock that will have everyone drooling!


You can already tell the difference between Kami’s ice box and your own the instant she slides open the drawer. There are stacks and stacks of different shaped and colored ice trays, and as she pulls each and everyone out, you realize they are also all infused with different flavors.

And yes, this is totally bougie, but I for one am absolutely here for it.

There are ‘regular’, nonflavored ice cubes in several different shapes, all falling out of their respective tray with a satisfying clack, before Kami moves on to showing off her infused ones. There is coffee, tea, caramel, lemon and herb, strawberry and peach, pineapple, and other various juice flavors so that as she drinks her favorite drink it doesn’t get watered down by regular cubes!

Overall, this is probably one of the most relaxing and delicious restocks that I’ve personally seen in a while, and I wish I had the time (or space) to do the same thing!

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