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Woman Reminds Us That It’s Probably Time to Clean Inside Kitchen Sink With Stomach-Turning Video

Um, ew...

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Cleaning can, oftentimes, be disgusting. At least, if you are doing it right or massively wrong, it will be. And no, I’m not talking about abandoned houses or homes with that one random room that got closed off and not cleaned in years - I am talking about everyday things like appliances such as dishwasher’s not getting the total care that it needs.

Take your kitchen sink as one example. You likely scrub the outside, but do you ever think about what the rest looks like? Well, the Purdy and Figg channel over on TikTok would like to prove that it is likely not nearly as clean as you might believe!


I would like to start off by saying that, yes, while I do clean my sink I don’t really think much of it beyond that. I certainly don’t think much about the drain as long as it isn’t clogged, which this creator has proven is a bad, bad decision.

They start off by unscrewing the middle part of the drain, the part that ensures large chunks of food or items don’t slide down into the pipes, and pulls that up and away to reveal something absolutely disgusting. There is just all sorts of gunk just beneath the stopper, a sort of gross amalgamation of all the things that have been trapped there for who knows how long.

Just imagine - if you don’t clean this area, and clean it often, you are getting all sorts of gunk caught underneath. Even worse, it stays in wet, warm darkness, allowing all sorts of mold and bacteria to grow, right beneath your dishes. And while you might pour warm water and even bleach or other cleaners down into your pipes, rarely does this space in between sink and pipe ever get the cleaning it obviously needs.

So next time you get to cleaning, really think about the unusual spaces - you might just find yourself surprised at what you find.

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