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Woman Gives Kitchen Instant Upgrade by Wrapping Countertops

It looks so much lighter.

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If you rent your home, chances are your makeovers have to be renter-friendly. But don't worry, there are actually many hacks that are not only renter-friendly but also budget-friendly, such as using contact paper.

TikTok creators Jess and Cam (@theblairhouseproject) used contact paper to give their kitchen countertops a facelift, and it looks like a brand-new kitchen. 

The choice of light-colored contact paper fits so much better, as it makes the kitchen look brighter and cleaner. Lighter colors tend to always give the illusion, of a cleaner, bigger, and more organized area. You can find a wide selection of contact paper in different colors and designs on Amazon, as well as Home Depot.

You can also use contact paper on your cabinets or fridge if you want to give it a pop of color, without damaging anything. It is inexpensive, easy to apply, and to remove. However, you have to work precisely though, to avoid air bubbles from forming underneath it.

So, it might be a bit time-consuming if you're new to using contact paper. However, once you get a hang of it, it becomes easier with time. 

And if you want to remove it, to change it up or because you are moving out of your rental, you can easily do so. All you need is to use a blow dryer on the highest setting, a few inches away from the contact paper. This should help melt the adhesive, where you can just gently peel it off.

That's it!

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