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Woman Makes IRL Barbie Dream Camper & You Can Totally Stay In It

It's a Barbie world after all.

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Barbie had all the cool stuff you could imagine. She had the car, the house, the cool job and the best friends. Undoubtedly she is one of the first #aspirational influencers in our lives, so its only natural some of us were determined to hang onto her magic well into adulthood. 

Meet Daisy, the RV camper that was lovingly converted into an IRL version of the Barbie Dream Camper that we all know and love. This adorable tiny space was dreamt up by Ilse Massey was started during the pandemic as she was a hairstylist and out of work. The entire space is covered in vibrant colors that Barbie would approve of, and Massey write on TikTok that the space is exactly what her little girl dreams are made of. 


The very tiny space is maximized for practical use but 100% has a unique aesthetic. The countertop and shower is a stunning rainbow swirl tile that looks like something out of a dream, while all the cabinetry is covered in multicolored paint. There is a mini kitchen, a full bathroom, and a seating area that converts to a sleeper along with a mini fridge. It will hitch to a pick up truck and can be taken anywhere for a fun weekend of camping. 

If you're itching to live out your Barbie fantasies, you can rent this camper on Outdoorsy, a site dedicated to helping people vacate to the great outdoors. Massey also has a blue vintage camper that she and her husband remodeled names Duke, so there are tons of opportunities to hang out in one of these cool campers.