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Watch Woman Transform Her Home Into an IRL Barbie Dream House

Life in plastic - it's fantastic!

Remember being a kid and wanting to grow up to be just like Barbie? She just had it all. A boat, a corvette, horses, a camper, and so many different houses. However, one that probably stood out the most was her Dream House, which even had an elevator.

Real-life Barbie and TikToker @brunabarbieoficial not only transformed into Barbie permanently, but she also gave her house a Barbie Dream House makeover.


It looks like the toy version, but better and bigger! Everything is pink! She even used pink dye for her pool. How cool! As you can see in her other house tour video, every inch of her house is in different pink tones, every detail is carefully planned and thoroughly thought out. Bruna Barbie even customized her car to look exactly like Barbie's Fiat. Hard to tell where she gets all her pink Barbie-inspired clothes from or customizes her furniture and even her cleaning products, but she is committed to the real-life Barbie experience. If you love pink as much as Bruna Barbie does, you can achieve this makeover for your home, by finding that Barbie pink, which there are quite a few different ones as you can see. Not to worry though, Home Depot is the place to be, as they can match and customize any color out there, as long as you bring a sample. And if you want the real-life Barbie experience only for one night, there are options too.

There was a time when Airbnb offered to book stays at Barbie's fancy Malibu Dream House but it seems to be no longer an option. However, if you want the real-life Barbie experience without the commitment to live life in plastic, you can visit Barbie's World and everything that comes with it, except Ken.