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Woman Invents Extendable Kitchen Island and Now Everyone Wants One

It’s such a great solution for smaller kitchens.

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You know what it's like: you have lots of things to accomplish but don't have enough space for everything. You want to make food and clean up immediately afterward, but there are so many different things happening at once in your kitchen that it can be difficult to get everything done efficiently. This provides additional storage space for all your items and adds a surface on which you can easily prepare meals!

"This looks soo good but most importantly practical. As a wheelchair user I would need this is my next home!!!" @Darell Saria

Honestly, we love this idea. Finding things that are accessible is a big pain. And for those of us just needing more counter space, it's great, too.

"AMAZING solution for those times you need counter space in a space kitchen! Perfect for cookie decorating and holiday buffets." @Geoffrey Alan

Others were just impressed by this woman's ingenuity.

"Wowww, girl get it!!! Make them, sell them, patent them, LOL." @Karen Mejias

It is a great addition to any kitchen and will help you organize your dishes, pots, pans, cookbooks, etc. It's also a great space saver because it takes up much less space than traditional islands.

This item is also straightforward to clean. You can easily wipe off any spills or messes just by wiping them down with soap and water! It's so simple! The Extendable Kitchen Island also comes in many different colors, so you'll find one that matches perfectly with your kitchen decor! 

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