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Couple Who Thought Their Ivy Was Growing an Old Tree Trunk Discovers It May Actually Be a Tomb

Bet they didn't see that coming…

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Have you ever lived on a historic property that you later discovered was haunted or came across something so strange that you begin to question the history of the house?

Thankfully, I haven’t.

However, TikTok user @ponderosaandplaid is currently questioning a strange large structure that’s engulfed with a thick, green ivy plant that’s on her property. At one point, she and her husband thought it was a large tree trunk, however, now she thinks it may be an old tomb!


She explains that while living in their over 100-year-old home for two years, they’ve come across some things on their property that leaves them wondering about the history of their home. While observing what they thought was a large tree trunk, they recently discovered that the ivy plant is actually hiding something. Considering that there’s a walking path to the large concealed item, it’s likely that it’s more than a tree trunk! The couple is perplexed about what it actually is, however, they don’t want to potentially destroy the beautiful ivy plant that surrounds it. While we understand why they don’t want to destroy the plant, we’re curious, and so are their followers.

One of their followers @ericareese8 said “CLEAR IT OUT!!!! The ivy will grow back fast. Maybe it's a storm cellar sounds hollow.” Another follower @jennjimenez12said “OG Instagram follower of yours! And I’m invested now- gonna need updates on this.” TikTok viewer @howard83003 hilariously commented “That ivy will grow back in less than a year- get to chopping.” LOL.

We’re pretty invested in now, too. Hopefully we’ll get a part two soon!