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Woman Restores Fireplace and More to It’s Former Glory and the Before/After Is Jaw-Dropping

This is so cool.
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What really sets the mood of a room? The ambiance of course, and that's best reflected through the paint color you choose to cover the walls, the large statement pieces such as murals, wallpaper, and fireplaces with mantels, and through the decorations and final touches that bring the entire room together.

Creating an ambiance that reflects your own personal taste and style makes your home feel like home. Achieving this can get quite costly if you hire a contractor to do the work and it's often hard to express exactly what you want to someone else. Knowing this, content creator and savvy home DIYer @thebeldamstudio recognized the expenses that come with home renovations and interior design so she decided to makeover her space DIY style, saving tons and creating an aesthetic result that's hard to beat.


She starts with a basic room, tan hardwood floors, white walls, and a stone fireplace with a white mantel and completely transforms it. She strips the paint from the mantel revealing its original dark hardwood, coats the stone fireplace with black paint, and adds dark velvet green paint to the walls to create the perfect backdrop to her french victorian meets vintage vampire vibe. For decorations, she thrifts beautiful gold frames, wall hanging candle holders and hobnail glass- in which she then painted to give it life again. Some of the frames she leaves gold and others she paints- enhancing her color scheme of the room. The final result is breathtaking, cozy, inviting, and just a tad bit spooky.