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Friends 'Lose It' Over Random Joy Clock And You Will Too

Well, it brought joy one way or another!

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Has there ever been something that just cracked you up? Like gasping for breath, tears running down your face, maybe even hitting your friend on the shoulder or arm because neither one of you can stop laughing long enough to get a word out?

Well, if it hasn’t happened to you, then you’re missing out! But you can at least get a glimpse of such a thing between these two friends and their… confusion over exactly what they are looking at!


So Trudy, of TrudySaidSo on TikTok, recently made her happy way over to her local BigLots just to see what was there. She also brought her sister, aka one of her best friends, along for the ride. While they were there they spotted something that was rather… well, we will say interesting to start off with.

Now let us start off by saying that we don’t think either of these two are stupid, as they like to jokingly say, but we have to admit that their confusion is both adorable and hilarious. So the piece they are talking about just so happens to be a clock. That in and of itself isn’t all that funny, but Trudy’s sister is a bit confused because it looks like it is supposed to be in the shape of the word, but… why does it spell ‘oy’?

Is it supposed to be a funny joke?

Of course, Trudy said her sister was stupid, and that the clock was supposed to say ‘joy’, but it was obviously on clearance because it was missing the J! But nope, wrong again! The two finally got the right idea to turn the clock around, revealing the real ‘hidden’ shape of a whale that the clock was supposed to be.

Well, we guess this is a lesson in not everything looking as it seems, and maybe digging a little bit deeper before calling your sibling an idiot!