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Boho Plant Enthusiast Shows How to Easily Grow a Jungle In Your Home

It's so easy to do!

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One thing about plant parents that’s 100% true is that they can never have enough plants. And honestly, we totally get it. Plants can be a great and inexpensive way to decorate your home, especially if you propagate your plants and create an environment where they’re able to thrive and multiply.

If you’re looking to add even more plants to your home and potentially create an urban jungle living space, check out these tips from TikTok plant mom @boholifeofjo who knows how to do exactly that!


As seen in the video, she shows us how she started the process by taking her clean and sanitized shears to gather a few clippings of her pothos plant by identifying all of the nodes on one vine and cutting in-between them. After she cut them, she lined a large Ziplock bag with paper towels and sprayed water into the bag until the paper towels were saturated. Next, she simply added the clippings into the baggie and exhaled into it before closing it off for a few weeks.

After a few weeks, she was able to transform the clippings into new roots and leaves — what a beautiful and easy transformation!