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This DIY Jute Planter Is the Perfect Project for a Rainy Day

Plus, you get a really cool planter out of it.
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All plant moms and dads know the struggle of buying new pots, plant hangers, and plant stands. It gets real expensive, real quick, and our plants outgrow their pots quite quickly, which means we need more innovative ways to get our plants into new planters without breaking the bank every other month or so.

Content creator @noodgedesigns posted to TikTok a DIY planter that is an easy rainy day project and is made of one of the most inexpensive materials, jute twine.

The final product from this rainy day pork=ject makes it seem like quite the difficult task, but rest assured the creator did a fantastic job breaking down the simple weaving technique used to create the jute twine planter!

Starting with a 5 gallon bucket they cut the top off so it creates one smooth bucket bottom to top. They pull out a large handful of Jute twine and cut the loops and at both ends so the string all make equal lengths. She hot glues on the jute to the bottom of the bucket all the way around the perimeter. Once glued she then grabs a handful of other jute string, cut to size and begins her weaving pattern. As she works her way towards the top of the bucket she changes the color of jute she uses to make a fun mix in the pattern. She glues the jute to the inside of the bucket once she reaches the top and adds a fun braided border to it.

This is such a fun idea for a rainy day, and would make a perfect gift for any plant lover!

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