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Aunt Makes Adorable Dollar Store Kaboodle Make-Up Kits for Nieces

This is such a thoughtful DIY

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift to surprise your daughter, little sister, or nieces, then you may just want to head straight to the Dollar Store. This may not come as a shock to folks who are already familiar with how the Dollar Store has so many great finds for people who love to DIY, but if you’re new to the world of Dollar Tree DIYs and would like to stay under a certain budget while shopping for the littles in your life this holiday season, then you may want to try this simple and thoughtful DIY gifts from TikToker @ciara.nicole7. These DIY caboodle kits are so cute and she only spent $21 in total to make them!

To make these adorable kaboodle make-up kits for her nieces, she first headed the Dollar Store where she purchased everything from the kaboodle itself to the trinkets and treats she placed inside of the kit. While she chose to fill the caboodles with color-coed simple make-up, Barbie tissues, hair tools and candy, you can switch it up a bit and customize it to fit your young girl’s favorite things, such as activities or cartoon characters. To finish off the DIY gifts, the aunt added a personalized touch to each kaboodle by adding their names to each of them. We love how she didn’t spend a lot of money, yet it still looks like she spent way more than she did.

We can’t get over how cute and thoughtful these gifts are!

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