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Parents Give 9-Year-Old's Bedroom a Makeover Even Adults Are Jealous Of

Uh, seriously... this is nicer than some bachelor pads.

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Everyone is fond of their own personal space, but for kids, their bedrooms are sanctuaries. They can't exactly own any property, so the small spaces they claim as their own become very important to them. While some may see kids retreating to their rooms as rude or concerning, the truth is, even little people are entitled to their peace. And parents who recognize that get all the bonus points

Now parents who not only understand but support turning that space into something special? They get all the points and then some. That's exactly what Nicole and Scott, a DIY-loving married duo, did for their 9 year-old son's bedroom and truthfully, it's nicer than some adult's apartments.


The couple totally left the "little kid" aesthetic behind and opted for something far cooler. Not only does his new room have a custom shiplap wall, it has a leather couch love seat and a huge flat screen TV. They added tons of storage space for his clothes, books, and sports gear and paid attention to the details with wood accents and a minimalist approach. He even has room to dunk on a mounted basketball net. The best part? They got their kiddo to help, so the room can truly feel like his. 

Of course, followers were a few shades of green over this sick room. User @cmsand9614 simply wrote what we were all thinking: "Nice!! Can y'all redo my bedroom?"

They might be kidding but we aren't! Come over and do up our rooms won'tcha?