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Mom Shares Eerie Video Of Toddler Son Pointing To the 'Dead Girl' He Sees In the Tree Outside

We'd be cutting down that tree stat.

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There are those who believe that children are able to see what we cannot. Be it their pure hearts or just inherent innocence, there is a theory that spans across several cultures that because of this they are more receptive to the spirit world. The thought is that the "veil" is much easier to pierce as kids are freed from the burdens of logic and reason. They accept what they see at face value, and that can mean kids might experience some paranormal things.

One mom caught her toddler on camera pointing to and talking about something he was seeing that no one else could. And honestly, it's hard to think he's faking it. 


"I see a girl," you hear a tiny voice exclaim as you watch footage of a child in a rear facing car seat fervently pointing to a tree. 

When the mom assures him that there is no one in the tree, he insists that she's "out there" and in the tree. When she asked if she was ok and what she looked like, he simply said "dead."

Oof have the chills made their way down your spine yet?

The mom continues to assure him that there isn't a dead woman in the tree, but the kid won't hear any of it and insists he sees what he sees. 

Many commentators thought that the little one was telling his truth, and that there was no way he was trying to deceive mom. 

What's more astounding to us is how calm mom stayed throughout the entire ordeal. All we know is, if it were us, we'd be ripping that tree out pronto.n