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Try These Simple Swaps To Help You Clear Up Clutter In Your Kitchen

Well, that sure makes things look a lot nicer!

Kitchens are one area in the home that tends to get pretty cluttered. Just think about it - people are coming in and out constantly, eating or getting something to eat out from cupboards, not to mention all of the appliances that you likely have lying around.

Luckily there are many ways you can help declutter your surroundings, and that includes your kitchen! In fact, we have seven awesome tips to help you get started.


We’ve got Kallie Branciforte from over on TikTok to thank for these seven suggestions, and you can bet that we will be implementing them into our own kitchens asap. And best of all, these aren’t difficult tips! In fact, these hacks often require simple swaps you can do with purchases from your local Dollar Store or Amazon delivery!

So what do these swaps look like? Well, the first involves putting your soap into something that blends in more with your kitchen aesthetic, or is at least a more neutral appearance. This helps because hand or dish soap often comes in super bright packaging, which just doesn’t work when you are trying to keep things straightened up and from drawing attention in a negative way.

Following up on that, Kallie suggests get prettier cleaning tools, such as dish sponges or brushes. Yes, you will be dishing out for costlier items that are just going to be used, but it will actually match the rest of your house and it will make it less likely that you’ll just toss it into a corner or leave it lying around rather than taking care of it properly.

Next, hide your appliance cords! Yes, you may not be able to put away every appliance that you have, but you can at least make sure you don’t have long cords trailing every which way. You can easily use hooks or hangers, or even specialized tools, to help wrap up the cords so that they are out of the way, both physically and visually.

Check out the rest of the video for the other four de-cluttering tips, and try them out yourself!