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Virginia Woman Completely Transforms the Look Of Her Kitchen With One Design Change

This looks SO good!

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Kitchens are, in our opinion, one of the most important rooms throughout your house. For many, it isn’t simply the place you cook meals and store food, it is also where families gather to eat or steal snacks or just talk and chat.

That is why making sure your kitchen looks its best while also being completely functional is SO important! You want to make sure that it is both as organized as possible and enjoyable to look at which, admittedly, can be difficult for some. Luckily there are at least a few people out there who have combined the two perfectly and are more than happy to share with us their fairly simple ‘reno’ hacks!


Erin, a Virginian in Norfolk, runs a TikTok channel totally dedicated to the redesign and revamp of her home. Today we are focusing on how she made one small (ish) change to her kitchen’s upper cabinets that completely transformed the look of the entire room, and how you can do something similar in your own space.

This kitchen starts off with a pretty traditional shelving unit over to one side of the stove area. However, at the beginning, it has doors and is completely hidden away and while the color of the unit itself is pretty gorgeous, it is also a bit… bland looking, with no stand-out feature to help mark it apart from the rest.

The very first thing that Erin is take that cabinet door off, then strip out the shelves. She adds a stick-and-peel wallpaper to add some contrast from within the shelf before adding some new shelving in more natural wood pattern to also add to the varying textures and colors. Then the shelf is filled with little knick nacks and some greenery to help it pop!

In the end, the simple changes make all the difference. Removing the cabinets and giving it that pop of contrast just uplevel the whole look, and you can rest assured that we are already running out to try it ourselves!