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Woman Captures Ghost 'Tearing' Through Kitchen Shortly After Moving In

Apparently, the home wasn't completely vacant.

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Explaining noises in a house is easy. Pipes make noise, floorboards creek, and there are a bevy of reasons a door could randomly slam shut. Every so often there is sometimes activity that can't be easily explained away. Unfortunately for a young woman who recently moved into a new home, the latter is absolutely happening in her kitchen.

At night, the new tenant heard some noises and went to turn on the light when she caught something eerie on camera. 


In the video you can clearly see cabinets opening and closing, along with several things moving on the counter. Then later in the video you can see more objects moving on the countertops, and even the knife block moves a bit.

Followers were floored as to how she stayed so seemingly calm, but others noted that in order to not anger spirits, it's best to give them as little attention as possible. 

The woman also noted that the kitchen happens to sit atop the basement, in which there is also a lot of activity, adding that these two areas are the most likely to have movement in them. While she is still working through what the history of the house is, all we know is that once those knives start moving out of the block, it is beyond time to get out of there.