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Tiktok Reviewer Spends $200 On A Kitchen Knife and Apparently It’s Worth It

...Unfortunately there's no dupe for this

I’ve spent countless dollars while searching for the perfect kitchen utensils. While some money was well spent, there were moments when it was definitely wasted as well. Kitchen knives in particular, have been a hit and miss in my household. While I’m no five-star chef, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with different recipes. Often times, that involves doing a lot of slicing and chopping with the best knives to make prepping a lot easier and I thought my knives did a fairly decent job until now.

Recently, popular TikTok reviewer @blatantreviews showed over 17 million of us why this $200 WÜSTHOF Knife needs to be in our kitchens. Immediately. I've never thought about spending so much money on a knife, until now.


OMG. The way it easily sliced through the papaya and potato? We often struggle with cutting through both of those with the multiple kitchen knives we have and this knife does it with no problem. And the way it glides through the steak so effortlessly! There’s no struggle slicing with this knife. We’re amazed! And so are some of his followers. “The way my jaw dropped with the first cut,” @jmc_bellini wrote. “I cant stop watching this because it cuts so well,” @sadkimchi420 commented. “if you're trying to sell me a $200 knife it's working,” @punkneeter commented.

The way this knife makes every object it cuts look like it’s slicing through a stick of butter is amazing. Yet another item, I’d like to add to my Amazon cart.

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