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Man’s Storage Hack Will Make You Want to Ditch the Knife Block

We love how this is also out of immediate reach of kids.

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When you’re limited in having extra kitchen space, you may be constantly looking for different ways to increase your storage and potentially free up extra space in the typically cluttered area. One of the easiest to tackle both issues at the same time is by clearing off your counter to get rid of clutter and potentially create extra space for storage.

If you’re in need of things that you can remove your countertop to do just that, take a queue from TikTok user @miniaturebutthole. He removed his knife block from the counter and did something even better the knives to give him additional counter space!

How genius is this simple storage hack? To create more storage space on his counter, he installed a hidden pull down cabinet that now housed all of his sharp kitchen knives. We love how this not only gives him more counter space, but also is now easily out of reach of children.

It may seem like it would be a little dangerous to open of he were to open the cabinet too fast however, he mentioned in the comment section that he installed pretty secure magnets to keep the knives in place and prevent them from falling down when the cabinet is opened.

This storage hack is jaw dropping!

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