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Woman Screens In Porch With Thrifted Lace

That’s one way to keep the mosquitos out…

Bugs are simply a part of the way of life, especially if you live in the South, live somewhere close to the woods, or really… Live just about anywhere, now that we think about it. That is why humans have come up with hundreds of thousands of ways to get rid of them or keep them out of our houses.

But one savvy creator may have come up with the perfect solution, at least for those who live in houses that have open porches!


Emily Moody, aka the MagnificentEmmi on TikTok, has a giant back porch that is pretty open to the elements, and thus also open to all the bugs that can come flying or crawling into her space. So what is someone to do, especially if they don’t want to use harsh sprays and chemicals, as Emily tries not to do?

They go out and buy lace. Lots and lots of Thrift Store Lace. She then starts tacking up the long rolls of lace, nail-gunning it to the top roof of her porch and the top railing along the middle, stretching the fabric between the two. The gorgeous fabric is the perfect choice - it is sheer and light enough to be seen through, but bugs can’t really get through the tiny holes.

In another video Emily continues the project, using more lace to cover her porch from the middle down, creating huge swathes of lacy walls. Some lattice rolling shades are then placed on the inside, which Emily can use to block out the sun if she wishes to, and further videos show her adding decorations including lighting, a rocking chair, and more.

Now, we love this idea for more reasons than one. Yes it is perfect for keeping bugs out, but also… It’s cute! Oftentimes bug screens aren’t that attractive to look at, but by using lace Emily has not only repurposed old fabric, she’s also created something pretty. It also serves to help block neighboring views of someone looking in (it is far easier to look out than to look in), serving yet another purpose.

So what do you think? Would you use this trick on your own porch?