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Woman Removes Laminate From Dresser and Gives It a Whole New Life

It looks so clean and classy!

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Furniture flips can be pretty epic, even if there are a lot of things that can go wrong or be harder than you thought when it comes to doing these kinds of flips. You could choose the wrong paint scheme, not have all the supplies necessary, or come up against something you weren’t expecting that makes the entire flip so much harder than it has to be.

But suppose you manage to overcome those issues. In that case, you can come out the other side with something that looks amazing, such as how creator Ebony Basten saw a rough-looking laminate cabinet and transformed it completely!


As the story goes, Ebony had been on the lookout and had even been watching a particular laminate dresser online for some time (as in months). The price eventually dropped to a point where she saw no harm in attempting a flip, so she went and bought the furniture for 20$ AUD from a local church and brought it home.

Once there, she could tell exactly how rough a shape the piece was. The laminate was peeling nearly everywhere, and the very first step to getting this thing back in some sort of order was to… remove all the laminate. But that isn’t always an easy task, especially when the laminate is older and the glue that holds it on has been hardened by sun and even exposure to the various elements.

So Ebony got to work - getting a pillowcase and soaking it in water before laying it down over the laminate, then went over that with an iron to get the water to heat and soak up the laminate beneath. This allows her to pull up the rest of the peeling laminate, and from there, all it takes is a bit more elbow grease along with a gorgeous coat of paint, and the old, beat-up furniture piece now has brand new, and quite beautiful, life!

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