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Woman Makes Lampshade out of Thrifted Dress

It looks so good!

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Lampshades can come in all different kinds of shapes, materials - such as paper mache - colors, as well as fabrics. Or even an old dress. Yes, you read that correctly. 

Vintage collector and owner of the TikTok account Painted Black Decor did exactly that, as she shows us in her video! Let's see for ourselves how it turned out!

Wow! It looks stunning!

As shown in the video, she used an old, plain lampshade that she found in the dumpster and a colorful vintage dress. The first step required her to take the old fabric off the lampshade so that only the frame was left. She used the old fabric as a template to cut the dress in the exact shape; pulled it over the frame, and added lace trim on the bottom, and in between each section. 

Then she added some beads to the bottom of the trim, and voilà; a new lampshade was created. 

Lastly, she found an old lamp, which she spray painted black, renewed the wiring, added some red- and gold paint to create some accents, and a new lamp was born.

Of course, the TikTok community was in love with this upcycle as well, looking at the comments section.

One TikToker (@freelanceprince) commented,

"Oh gosh, it's beautiful."

It certainly is.

Another person (@kelsboomer) wrote,


We do too!

And TikToker @__blacknite commented,

"Beautiful! Excellent work... Love it."

Indeed! She did an amazing job.

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