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Woman Sends Secret Signal To Friends When She Lights Her Porch Lantern

Totally want to steal this tradition.

I know at this point in our lives, most of us simply call our friends when we want to go out or invite them over. But that can be so boring. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a cool workaround, then the phone is pretty much all you’re left with.

But what if you had a secret code with your friendly neighbors? A little signal on your porch would indicate to those in the know that it was time to come over and party. One TikTok user has just the thing.


Juliet (HappyDagger on TikTok) has shared with us her hack for calling her friends, which harkens right back to the good old days of our moms calling us in after a long day of play by turning on the porch light. Mama Dagger (hope you don’t mind me calling you that) had an old antique lantern she’d set out on her porch when she was having a good day. 

As Juliet shares with us, her mother’s neighbors, or the ones she liked anyway, soon came to realize that this was her mother’s code for when she was in the mood to make margaritas. This signal evolved over time, and eventually, friendly neighbors began heading over to Juliet’s house for margaritas and fun whenever that lantern was lit up. 

Juliet remembers this very fondly, and her recollection of friendly neighborhood gatherings has many in the comment section sharing their own, often similar, stories. Others are mentioning how they need to start up their tradition in the same vein and start inviting family, friends, and neighbors over, all through the use of this ‘secret’ signal.

As one commenter says, “the beacons of friendship are lit!”