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Woman Discovers Proper Way To Use This Laundry Detergent Hack and We're Shook

We had no idea!

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Doing laundry is the one chore that many people struggle with wanting to do and honestly, we completely understand. Because doing the laundry, doesn’t just stop at putting the clothes in the washer and dryer, you have to separate the clothes prior to washing them and after drying them, you have to fold and hang the clothes as well; so it’s nice to find a way to make doing this chore easier.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator @sheiskd_. She recently learned how to disperse her detergent quickly with this one little tip and we’re shook…we had no idea about this!


In the quick video, she’s shown pressing down onto the button as the laundry detergent slowly releases into the container’s cup. She then slightly untwists the cap at the top and refills the cup again and we then see how quickly the cup fills with laundry detergent. The reason why it then fills up quickly is because once you untwist the cap, you’re releasing air from the detergent which allows for a faster pour. I mean…wow — we’re amazed by this simple tip! This whole time spent washing clothes, we were completely unaware of this hack and would wait as the detergent slowly poured into the cup, but now that we know about this hack, this completely changes laundry days!

And just as much as we were surprised by this hack, some viewers in the comment section were as well while others claimed they already knew about this hack.

Welp, we had no idea, but thankful we know now!