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Laundry chutes are not a new concept, but for anyone who lives in a one story home or doesn’t have that chute space built in, that luxury has always been lost to them. Until now.

Meet the “Laundry Jet,” the first powdered laundry chute that sucks up dirty clothes and plops them right into your laundry room, and in some cases, right into the washer.

Yeah, my jaw was on the floor too.

In all seriousness it is an incredibly cool feature. How it works is a port is installed in the wall that is motion censored and it will suck your clothes up one by one. It’ll run through the powered chute and plop it right into the area where the exit port is placed. And if you’re thinking “eh that’s cool but it’d be cooler if it returned the clean clothes, guess what? There is a return chute.

Folks in the comments section ranged from “take my money please” to proclaiming this was totally useless. Whatever your stance on it, you can’t really deny it is some Jetson’s level house tech.

System prices will range depending on the length of the chute needed and other accommodations. There are models with three, six and up to 8 ports depending on the system and claims to be “whisper quiet.” The site even claims that really handy folks can install the system themselves after taking a 90 minute online course, as it was designed for medium to advanced DIY’ers.

And for those with children rolling their eyes into the back of their heads, Laundry Jet assures that the systems was designed with accidents in mind.

“ the case that a toy or other item is stuck into the port it must always pass through a hard 90 degree turn to enter the system,” it says on the site. “Dense items do not have enough surface area to pass through the system and will simply remain at the entrance to the port. All other items that pass through the initial port and will simply move through the system and will be delivered to the laundry room. As with any appliance, you must always follow proper instructions and procedures when operating the Laundry Jet.”

Welcome to the future baby!