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Woman Converts Laundry Room Cabinets Into DIY Drying Racks

Gotta’ love a functional, life-improving DIY.

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When it comes to home renovations, laundry rooms seem to be the most challenging, especially if the space is awkward. However, as a DIYer, nothing is impossible.

Take some inspiration from this DIY queen and TikTok creator, Lauren for example, who probably came up with the best DIY project for any laundry room, as she shares in her video!

I am just blown away! Would you look at all those details and how easily it is stored away? And, let's not forget; she did all that by herself!

As you can see in the video and read in her caption, she created a cabinet box to fill the space in the corner of her laundry room that works as an ironing board storage, with some slide-out drying racks, and it certainly fits perfectly. 

For that cabinet box, she built four frames, added dowels to two - which she sealed with polyurethane - and added mesh to the others to allow for multiple drying options. Next, she added drawer slides to them and installed them with 1 x 6 fronts "that sit flush with the face frame." She also left a 1-inch gap between the fronts so she's able to slide them back in, while the laundry is drying.


The best part is probably the hidden iron board under the hinged countertop.

At the end of her caption, she asked,

"What’s your favorite feature??"

Although no straight answers, the TikTok community still thought this DIY project is certainly a winner.

As TikToker @dockingdrawer wrote,

"That is such a cool idea! Every laundry room should have this!"

I agree! It would make life so much easier and doing laundry would seem less daunting. 

Another person (@lakeyshialemane) asked,

"What do you use the mesh for? I’ve never seen that before."

Apparently, Lauren likes to use it for garments that need to lay flat to dry. 

Good to know!

And TikToker @merylioo wanted to know,

"Around how much did this project cost? :)"

That's a really good and important question for anyone who's planning on doing the same with their laundry room.

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