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We’re Super Jealous of This Laundry Room Makeover

Can we please steal this idea?

When looking for a new home, every one has their own list of non-negotiable items that absolutely has to be in their new space. For some people, that list may include a minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a huge back yard or a spacious, walk-in pantry. Those requests are all understandable, however, for me, one thing I must have is a laundry room.

That’s right, a dedicated place in my home where I can wash, dry, hang my line dry items, and fold my clothes all in one space. Since becoming a homeowner, I’ve learned a laundry room is more of a necessity in my household. The only problem is, prior to becoming a homeowner, I didn’t consider it a big deal, so we don’t necessarily have that dedicated space. Thankfully, though, like many other people in similar situations, we got creative and made it work.

And if you’re one of the people who are looking to do the same with your space, TikTok user @oakanddesign showed us this nice and simple laundry room makeover that serves as perfect inspiration for your potential laundry room renovation!


The finished look is so nice and clean! We love the blue color of the cabinets and thankfully the creator shared that the color is actually Blue Spruce 1637 by Benjamin Moore in a matte finish.

We’re not the only ones impressed with this space. The comments sections in her laundry room videos are filled with comments from people who love what she did with the space.

The before and after video listed on her page is unbelievable! We have to say, this is probably one of the best laundry room makeovers we’ve come across.