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Woman’s Laundry Room Is an Organizer’s Obsession

This may change your mind about doing laundry!
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Being organized can make a space feel more open, inviting, and usable. There are two types of organizers that exist, the practical organizers and the aesthetic organizers. Our practical people aim to create an organized space that works well using bins, buckets, and containers that may not match or be “on trend” but they certainly get the job done. The aesthetic organizers go above and beyond, they get the space well organized with a heavy focus on design.

The queens and kings of aesthetic organizing have long been coming up with brilliant tips and tricks that knock the organizational status quo out of the park! This is exactly what @lelaburris did, posting to TikTok her laundry room organization with things that just make sense and look like a dream.


If you just watched the video, you are thinking exactly what we are… where has this been all my life? We are obsessed with the details, all the way down to the beautifully formatted tags posted on the front of each bin, drawer, tote, and tub. The clear plastic tissue box converted to the dryer sheet dispenser is genius, right alongside the cereal dispenser used for her scent booster beads and powdered laundry detergent.

A laundry room that actually makes you want to do laundry? Sign us up!