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Lauren Gordon


Trending News Editor, DenGarden

Lauren Gordon is a writer and editor with proficient experience in curating and creating various lifestyle content for a multitude of brands. She is most knowledgeable in the areas of parenting, beauty, food, ecommerce, home and gardening, and the paranormal.


  • Lauren’s love of crafting and houseplants began long before her writing career. She is the poster child of “I can just make that” and then, often does. From paintings to furniture, from knitting to wood burning, there is not a hobby out there she hasn’t tried. 
  • As a writer, Lauren combined her love of crafts and prose by creating several how-to articles for various projects, spanning from simple home decor crafts to elaborate projects.
  • Her love of gardening truly blossomed (pun intended) after becoming a homeowner, and now her 4-year-old son routinely has to remind her we have no more room for plants in the living room. 


Temple University, 2006-2010
Communications and Journalism, BA

Attended summer communications program abroad in Dublin, Ireland where we focused on integrating into Irish society and were responsible for keeping a running blog of the different social experiences we encountered.


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