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Brilliant Pruning Hack Makes Lavender Look Like Tiny Trees That Belong In 'Bridgerton'

Lady Whistledown would be gushing about these in the society papers for sure.

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Is there really any foliage more fragrant or gorgeous than a lavender plant? Our obsession with the purple wonder knows no bounds. We use it as a garden bed filler, perfect for a pollinator cut garden. We dry it and use it in potpourri to make our homes smell amazing. Shoot, we even use it for tea and candies for a floral, sweet taste. There is nothing lavender can't do. So color us delightfully surprised when we learned how to make them even more visually stunning thanks to a simple pruning trick.

Apparently, you can train your lavender seedlings to grow into a fragrant, gorgeous "tree" with just a few smart snips, resulting in a landscape worthy of the queen's royal garden.


When your lavender sprig starts growing greenery, simply trim off the bottom leaves leaving a little puff at the top for growth. As it gets bigger and stronger, keep pruning the bottom leaves until it blooms into a round tuft. When the flowers bloom you'll have tiny lavender trees that will look incredible in your entryway or along your walkway. Just be sure to add a supportive stake to the "trunk" since lavender isn't naturally a top-heavy plant. 

It will absolutely give your home a romantic, royal feel.