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Woman Makes Adorable Garden Mushrooms Out of Walmart Plates

They are so adorable.

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For some reason, mushrooms have become quite popular in recent years. Maybe Super Mario Bros. from the '80s is to blame, or Alice in Wonderland. Whatever the reason, you can find anything from mushroom lamps to mushroom door knobs these days. 

But how about something simple and cute for your lawn? Think of the old-fashioned gnomes, your grandparents collected - but way cuter. TikTok account @sillylittleplants had a genius idea of easy DIY lawn mushrooms, as she shares in her video. Let's check it out.

Wow! So cute!

All that's required to create some DIY lawn mushrooms, is an inexpensive bowl set of 4 - such as this one for only $5 - and four cups - such as these ones for $0.50 each, all from Walmart. She also needed some glue, like this clear transparent E6000 glue, a sponge- and a regular paintbrush, and some white acrylic paint. She also used some Rust-Oleum Satin Clear Enamel spray as a finish.

First, she removed the stickers from the items, then added the glue to the bottom of the cups and glued the bowl to it. She suggested that it's probably better to sand the bottom of the cups first, before applying glue to them. Next, she used the sponge brush and acrylic paint to achieve the dots, adding two or three coats, so the white is nice and bright. She also used the regular paintbrush to clean up the edges, and lastly, she sealed everything with satin spray.

And there you have it, pretty easy DIY lawn mushrooms.

TikTok also thought this certainly was a winner, looking at the comments.

As TikToker @shyboibeaniebaby suggested,

"The fact that the cups are open underneath makes it a perfect spot for hiding spare keys in your garden!!!!"

That's a great tip.

TikToker @aidalawrence posted,

"Ok hear me out. Use fairy lights to light them up at night!"

Such a great idea!

And TikToker @atarahji commented,

"Mario would be proud!"

So proud!

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