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Funny Doormat Keeps Church of Latter Day Saints Recruiters Away

Just a pro tip if your not into religious solicitors.

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These days, it is advised not to open your door when a stranger knocks, mainly because you don't want to give anyone an opportunity to rob your house. However, thanks to the invention of Ring cameras, people came up with ideas to prank strangers from trespassing, especially religious solicitors. And where some of these captured videos are hilarious, others are quite frankly creepy and a prank probably won't do much, except a sign that reads "Beware of vicious Rottweiler." 

TikToker Jamie (@jamie.foust94) and her wife had probably the greatest idea when it comes to keeping religious recruiters far away, as they share from their camera footage. 


Not only is their reaction hilarious, but this door mat is also funny as you can see in this video. It reads, "Gayest Place in Town." These two guys were there for a brief second and didn't even attempt to knock on Jamie's door. Honestly, nothing is more annoying than having daily religious solicitors trying to sell you the idea of their God. Another good doormat would be one with the Sigil of Baphomet, which indicates you worship Satan. Believe it or not, they would run not walk leaving your place. And would never return. You can find a doormat like that on Etsy. 

What a genius idea!