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Need A Cute Craft Idea For Your Kids? Try This Beautiful Leafy Mermaid!

Such a cute and simple DIY!

Do you need something fun and cute this fall to do with your kiddos? Maybe a tiny craft that you can do when the weather outside has turned a bit chilly or to keep some students occupied with something they can take home and show off?

Then look no further! We’ve got a mer-mazing fall-themed craft idea that is perfect for kiddos of all ages!


The LifePrettyHacks channel on TikTok has a TON of cool craft projects and ideas that those young and old can do around the house, at school, or pretty much anywhere they decide to go. You can see a ton of these DIYs ranging from the ultra complicated to super simplistic, and today we are covering one that ranges a little but more on the cute but not too hard side.

Specifically, a leaf-maid! Or well, a mermaid made almost entirely of leaves.

You’ll want to start off by gathering a bunch of leaves from outside. Make sure you pick different colors and shapes so your mermaids have something unique about each one! Then get some larger poster board or craft paper and select a few leaves. You will also want to create the torso of the mermaid out of some other paper.

The first leaf gets a small slit cut into it, and insert the head of the mermaid into that slit. Another leaf is then given the tube-top treatment, and get your biggest one to creat the base of the tail. Two more smaller leaves should then be glued onto the bottom of the tail, some eyes and a smile drawn on with a marker, and voila - leafmermaid!

Add a few more circles, also cut out of leaves, and a little bit of white marker and you’ve finished up the perfect boredom-busting craft!