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Woman Makes Gorgeous Summer Floral Arrangement Using Lemon Slices

We bet her home smells amazing...

Is it just us, or is lemon everyone’s favorite fruit? Okay, so maybe not everyone’s favorite fruit to eat, but it at least appears to be a staple in everyone’s house. We’re not surprised by this, either. Given how lemons are not only cheap, but they’re also commonly used to clean just about every area of your home from kitchen countertops to pots and pans, it’s no wonder why people have at least a few of these on hand in their home.

In our latest TikTok find, we stumbled across the most unique floral arrangement we’ve seen so far. In the video below, @fivefootfeminine shows us how she easily creates this gorgeous summer floral arrangement using - you guessed it - lemon slices!


This arrangement is both unique and beautiful with the combination of colors and an abundance of lemon slices. It’s so easy to do, too! All she did was place a smaller glass vase inside a larger vase, cut some lemon slices and places them in-between the two vases until it’s completely full. Next, she added some water to the lemon slices until it was just about full and finished the simple DIY by adding faux flowers into the smaller vase. Of course you can use real flowers for this DIY if you choose, just be sure to add water into the smaller vase as well.

This easy DIY is perfect for the summer, but can also be used year-around by switching out the fruit and flowers. Will you try it?