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This Hack Removes the Core of a Lettuce Head Easily

Filing this under standard practice

Slicing, chopping and cutting vegetables can be a lot of work, especially if you’re not using a good set of quality knives. But thanks to social media, TikTok in particular, we’ve been introduced to so many different kitchen hacks that make our lives undoubtedly much easier.

One of the most recent TikTok kitchen hack videos I’ve come across has me completely shocked that in all my years of living, I’m shocked that I’ve never heard of it before.

TikTok user @ocwarrior19 uploaded a video sharing how her mom taught her how to quickly and easily remove the core of iceberg lettuce and nope, it doesn’t involve using a knife to chop it off.


Yep, that it. This method is so quick, simple and safe that just about anyone can do it! I’ve always thought to remove the core you would just simply chop it off or if you’re feeling a bit wild, bite it off, but never have I seen the core removed like this. Apparently, I’m pretty late to this kitchen hack judging by the comments. “Learned that 50 years ago,” @dureenleland wrote. TikTok user @erinmichelle_10 “I thought everyone knew this??” Ummm, definitely not. LOL. “It's the only way to do it, easy to fill with water and rinse it out too,” @empathicunicorn commented. “Old restaurant trick,” TikTok user @jamflowmans wrote.

Welp, yet again, here we have another kitchen hack I’m adding to my “TikTok taught me” file.