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All You Need to Grow Lettuce Indoors Is a Container

Have fresh lettuce all winter long.
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With the price of fresh produce skyrocketing in the past few years it can be expensive to get your daily intake of fresh greens. Many homeowners have started to explore the world of gardening and growing their own produce right at home. Thai is great if you have an expansive backyard where you can grow produce in garden beds, have ample room for fruit trees, and even build a greenhouse to grow produce through the colder months.

What if you don’t have access to outdoor gardening? Or, what if you really want a fresh salad in December but lettuce costs $7 plus a head? Gardening expert @rosemary_grows has a genius solution that will solve both these questions, and she shared her idea via TikTok so everyone can grow fresh greens right inside their home.


The woman says “All you need to grow all your lettuce indoors is a very nice box just like this one!”. She uses a mid size tote bin with its lid and cuts six holes in the top- about the size of a cupcake. She first starts her seeds in rapid rooter plugs and waits for them to germinate, once germinated she inserts the plugs and seedlings into net cups filled with clay pellets and then places them into the holes she cut in the bin. The net cups allow water and nutrients to flow into the cups where the roots of the lettuce grow. The harvest time is 21-30 days after transplanting, the woman says in the comment section.

We love this mini hydroponic system and can’t wait to test it out ourselves!