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This Super Easy Linens Storage Hack Will Make Finding The Right Sheets a Breeze

Why did we never know this?

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I hate finding linens for the bedroom or guest rooms. I know that sounds like a very simple problem, but it probably stems from the fact that I absolutely hate folding sheets, especially fitted ones. They always seem to look crammed into place, and when you try and stack a bunch of folded sheets, they all blend together. So how do you go about properly storing them?

Well, if you are TikTok creator Amelia of AmeliasHomeEdit has a simple and easy hack that can make folding, and storing, linens an absolute breeze.


So what is this miracle hack? It is pretty simple. All you have to do grab some thick cardboard cards, maybe even the ones that come in the middle of the sheets already, and wrap your sheets around them as neatly as you can. Then you stack them up vertically in whatever storage space you have, making them far more visible and easy to pinpoint which ones you want. You can sort them by color, size, or room, to make it even easier.

And even better, add small tags or notes to the sides of the cardboard! I could easily see color coding the rooms they’d go to, like a small green dot would mean bedroom while a purple dot could be the guest room, so you always know which linens go in which room. When not in use, simply pull the folded-sheet cards down and put them at the very bottom of the pile where you are less likely to grab them!

What do you think? Is this something that would make your life a little bit easier? I know that, at least for myself, I’ll start saving the cardboard inserts that come with my sheets and start trying this for myself!

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