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Homemade 2 Ingredient Lip Tint Has Beauty Lovers Running To the Dollar Store

This is low-key genius.

Vaseline has to be one of the greatest beauty products ever. It’s a multipurpose item that provides long term moisture to the driest of skin, serves as an eyelash conditioner, easily removes make up without being too harsh and so much more. While it may not be a favorite to some because it’s not considered a "clean" product, it’s likely still a staple in a lot of beauty lovers skincare and beauty arsenal. So, I’m not surprised that it’s an ingredient in this ridiculously easy DIY lip balm.

TikToker @hijojomakeup impressed us all when she showed us how to make a moisturizing lip tint using only two ingredients in less than 30 seconds!


Taking a scoop of vaseline and a tiny slice of red lipstick, she combined the two ingredients into a small reusable jar and simply mixed them together until the Vaseline transformed into the red tint. She then used the scooping tool to smooth the balm before using a blow dryer to flush it out and make it even.

How perfect is this?!

Sure, Vaseline does have tiny jars that you can buy, however they don’t many different lip colors. With this DIY, you can use your favorite lipstick color to create a lip moisturizer that you can use on days when you want to embrace your natural beauty and go make-up free but still want a little pop of color.

“I literally just tried doing this after watching this video… now i have a liptint /balm. Thank you,” commented TikTok user @armywife721.

With a DIY as simple and great as this, there’s no need to ever purchase another lip balm!