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This Thrifted Chair Got the Lisa Frank Makeover That 90s Dreams Are Made Of

My inner child NEEDS this!

We all have that one friend who is so creative in every way that they astound us. From taking old nick-nacks and turning them into something unique and new to repurposing old furniture in ways we would never even be able to picture as working, these friends have that creative spark that goes above and beyond. They inspire those of us who may be a little less creative to take risks and do things that our younger selves would only dream of.


So for today, I have three words for you. Lisa. Frank. Chair.

If you grew up in the nineties, you saw Lisa Frank memorabilia. It might have been in your favorite rainbow kitten Trapper Keeper, or maybe that unicorn-emblazoned pencil that got dragged around everywhere until it was nothing more than a nub. Well, creator Lauren Richelle Quigley took that inspiration and used it to turn an old chair into something truly spectacular.

Using only some cans of neon-bright rainbow paint, a thrifted chair, and that spark of creativity I am so jealous of, Lauren did a furniture flip that would make our younger selves drool. It is no surprise that commenters are coming in fast and hot, exclaiming their love for the bright look, with many proclaiming just how badly they need to do this themselves. While I am sure there will be plenty of younger kiddos out there who would love a rainbow chair, I do have to wonder how many of these commenters will be trying to make a Lisa Frank-inspired chair just for themselves.

Best of all, not only do we get a casual look at how the chair was made, Lauren also gave us a final-look reveal! And I must say, I love her choice of zebra print on the chair. It nails the Lisa Frank look perfectly and adds that little extra something special to push this look over the top.