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Woman Paints Lost Loved Ones Into Live Wedding Art And You'll Need Some Tissues

Brb once we stop crying.

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Weddings are such a great chance to reconnect, make memories with our most beloved family and friends, and have stories to tell that will last a lifetime. But at the same time weddings can be bittersweet, especially if there are loved ones that we have lost that are no longer able to attend.

But there are certain small ways that you can bring those loved and lost into your wedding in ways that go beyond wearing something borrowed or putting up pictures of them on a side table.


Kim-vi Tran is a live artist, meaning that all of the paintings that she does are while at events. She attends weddings and similar events, memorializing them forever in paintings that she does right then, right there. It’s something just a little different from taking pictures, and have a bit more soul to them, in our opinion.

Recently Kim did a picture for a couple who had several lost family members and she knew the perfect way to honor them was to add them. So, using several pictures of them as references, she sat down during the events following the ceremony and starts to paint.

You can watch dozens of people mill around the back, showing that this is, in fact, during the after-party, and you can also see the figures start to slowly take shape under her brush. The happy couple in the middle, surrounded by their wedding party with a few extra people standing in.

As many people commented below the video, there are so many times that we have lost someone important to us before they ever got a chance to meet our most precious people. How and when they came into our lives just do not meet up, but luckily with artists like these, we can bring them all together for one beautiful moment.