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Men Elevate Living Room With Pre-Built Fireplace

A lot of people will be calling their contractors after this one.

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Nowadays, you can fake anything to make it look real. Whether that's a faux but real-looking stonewall, or trim molding on the wall - anything is possible. Even a faux but real-looking fireplace, which is probably also safer than the real deal. 

TikTok creator Nick Starrett and his company do custom fireplaces that are fully electric! Let's check it out!

Wow! It looks better than a real one.

It's also cleaner and easier to maintain, since it's electric. No cleaning is required, no possible combustion, no soot, no dirt - just a nice ambiance. The best part is, they customize each fireplace at their workshop and assemble onsite. All they need, is take measurements beforehand.

The first thing they did was remove the baseboard, so it can lean evenly to the wall. This one is 6 feet wide and 9 feet tall - pretty massive. However, they built it in two sections, so it was easier to carry. The material they use seem durable and sturdy, but light enough to carry. As you can see, they also left a 2 inch gap at the top and added another section of shiplap. Doing it that way guarantees it to fit, without causing any possible damage to the ceiling. 


Lastly, they added a hollow box mantel, hung the TV, and installed the fireplace.

TikTok loved it too.

As TikToker @pinkypoo7798 commented,

"That is gorgeous…good job guys."

Agreed! Seeing this makes me want to put an order in myself.

Another TikToker (@longislandgirl83) wrote,

"I love it and need one!"


And TikToker @drummergirl808 said,

"Looks awesome."

It sure does.

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