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Woman Shows Us How To Hang Our Maxi Dresses and It's Genius

This is perfect for flowy summer dresses

It’s summer dress season which mean queue the cute, airy and light weight maxi dresses that shows off our ushers in bare shoulders and sun-kissed glowing skin. As we welcome the warmer weather, we’re now excitedly ushering our sandals, shorts and beloved summer dresses to the front of the closet, but there’s only one issue; how do we combat our long maxi dresses from sweeping our closet floor?

Well, thankfully, there’s a hack for this. TikTok user and pro-organizer Emily of account @spacesbyemily, shows us how to prevent long flow dresses from hitting the floor with this super simple hack.


Do you see how easy and effective this hack is?! We appreciate that this hack not only prevents the dress from hitting the closet floor, but it also ensures dress don’t touch your shoes, either. All you have to do is grab two hangers and hang your dress normally with the first hanger, then pull the bottom of the dress through the second hanger and attach it to the first hanger. It’s so simple! 

Some people in the comments mentioned they simply use one hanger to do this trick by folding the bottom of the dress on the bottom of the hanger it’s on, however, many others in the comments were so impressed with this simple hack. “GENIUS!!! Thank you for sharing!!” @teffylynn wrote. “Well that's brilliant,” @auntbitsy commented. “I’m a little mad I’ve lived 36 years and I’ve never seen this,” @its__natalies shared. Another TikTok user commented “Omg! So smart!! Thanks for the post, I’m gonna do this!”

What a great idea and just in time for the summer and wedding season!