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This Amazon Long Pole Hook Can Solve a Lot Of Your Organization Problems

We kinda need one.

Do you have an issue with organizing things around your home? Maybe you’ve tried a bunch of different things, or maybe you’ve even found a few solutions to take care of things like your kid’s desks or your bathroom, but you need a way to hang things from your walls that doesn’t require drilling holes or hammering in nails.

Well, we have just the solution for you, and even better, it is totally renter friendly as well!


Cardkongbei features a ton of car and lifestyle supplies that can make anyone’s life a bit easier. Everything from home hacks and tips to organizational remedies for your most pressing solution. The one that we are covering today is a great way to make your wall organization renter friendly! (We know how hard that is to get something that does both, which is why we really consider this tiny 'hack' a real game-changer.)

And it all revolves around one simple Amazon find, a hole-free curtain rod hanger!

This hole-free curtain rod hanger is the perfect solution to anywhere you want, or need, a curtain rod to hang your stuff from but don’t necessarily have the ability to drill or punch holes in your wall. A lot of older houses, or rental homes and dorms, don’t really want you to put up anything that would cause more issues in the wall, which makes sense. But this solution

Say you want to add some racks to your bathroom to give yourself some space or hang up some towels, or maybe you need to hang up some kitchen utensils so they are up out of the way. Well, now you can do just that and, once you’re done or ready to move, just peel, remove, and go on your way!