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Woman Uses Loofas For Produce Bags and It’s High-Key Genius

This is awesome!

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Since climate change and global warming have become more and more of a threat to society, many people try to live a more health-conscious- and clean lifestyle, which includes recycling and upcycling plastic, such as this DIY bottle-lamp upcycle.

Let me introduce you to TikTok creator @slim_shitty, who came up with a genius way of using loofas other than in the shower, as she shares in her video.


Makes total sense! Since loofas are said to be bad for exfoliating your skin, as they can hold on to bacteria, as well as literally scrape your skin open, why not use them for something else? Especially if you have many left! That way you can upcycle them and make use of them. 

All you need are loofas - clean ones, that is - and scissors. Cut off the string, that way you have an opening. Unravel the loofa, cut them in length, tie a knot and you got yourself a little reusable produce bag. You can probably get around 10 bags out of one loofa, depending on how long you want them to be. The great thing about these is that they are budget-friendly, reusable as you can wash them, and weigh like nothing. Easy-peasy. This hack is also great for keeping onion or garlic fresh longer. 

So next time you receive some beauty products - including loofas - you know now how to find a use for them.