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Family Plants a “Placenta Apple Tree” That Will Grow With Newborn Daughter

This is the result of a “lotus birth:”

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful moments to experience. The act of bringing a being into the world is truly a gift that is a special moment all in its’ own but is even better when you’re able to create the birth experience that you want.

While some people don’t really have a birthing preference, others such as TikTok content creator and new mom @lavenaback_ knew she wanted to have a lotus birth and what she did with her placenta afterwards is so amazing!


As seen in the video, the husband and wife decided to plant her placenta into an apple tree! What’s so special about this is that as their baby grows, so will the placenta apple tree — we absolutely love this idea! If you’re pregnant and opt to do this with your placenta, she recommended to one of her followers in the comment section to change out the herbs every day and sprinkle sea salt to prevent the planted placenta tree from smelling and releasing a potentially foul odor.

The comment section was mixed with reactions from her followers and viewers, however, many people love the new parents’ idea and we do, too!