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This “Magic” Bookshelf Doubles As Decorative Art

Um, obsessed is an understatement.

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Books are priceless treasures. They can transport us to worlds far away when our own is dark and dreary, or hold the secrets of knowledge of ages past. Funny and sorrowful, whimsical and analytical, they are a means of escape and entry into places of knowledge. We have created entire libraries, small and great, sometimes in grand buildings, sometimes in closets, because books should be loved and shared.

So whenever we see a cool, new, and creative way of displaying said treasures? Well, you know we have to share that with you!


Rosie, aka MerrowChild over on TikTok, is a book lover and writer, so you already know she’s going to want to display all of her favorites in the best way possible. And sure she’s got the more typical bookshelves, but there’s also a unique piece that she has off to one side that she reserves for her current favorites.

And this display isn’t so much of a shelf, but rather, a unique book rack. The rack looks like a large wooden board with multiple strings hanging down from it. But these looped strings are actually what the different books hang from! You see, with this type of display you would take your favorite book, open it, then put the loop through pages in the middle. There is also a small ‘base’ at the bottom of the string that would rest under the pages so, after closing the book, the base helps support the hanging book.

Even better, there is enough space for multiple books, and you can even remove one, some, or all of the loops to display as many, or as few, books as you’d like! You can also hang them in multiple different ways such as spine out, spread apart, etc!

If you want one of your own, just look up the Icelandic company Agustav and search for a floating bookshelf! (Well, if there are enough left!)