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Wife Convinces Husband to Have a “Man Closet” For All His Nerdy Knick-Nacks

This is genius.

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When you are married - especially a newlywed - there is nothing more you want than spend time with your spouse. However, we all know that after a while, the true colors come out, and we wish our husbands would disappear into a man-made man cave such as this dad did with a simple bookshelf.

However, if you only have a small apartment and not a house, you gotta improvise. Such as TikTok creator Jessica Hallie (@magicaldoot) did with her husband's man cave.


How cool is this? Apparently, a walk-in closet can be used for activities other than its purpose of being a closet. I mean would you look at the size of this? This could easily become a room, except with no windows, but if you're from New York City this wouldn't bother you. Anyways, in this case, Jessica actually asked her husband if he wants to turn the guest room's walk-in closet into a man cave, with a tv and most importantly, to show off his toy collection. 

"Babe how cool would it be if we turned the guest room closet into a room where you show off all your toys?"

This would be any man's dream, of course, he agreed. He isn't the only one loving it, Jessica enjoys her organized home now, and TikTok is crazy about it. Not sure if her husband has left his man cave since, but apparently she caught him sleeping there the other day. 

Excuse me, while I convince my significant other to move into the closet.