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Man Runs Out Of Old House After an Incident So Spooky, He Refused to Come Back Until Morning

He ran out of there!

You know, it can sometimes be a bit challenging living with roommates, be it your spouse, kids, friends or anyone. However, it’s extremely challenging and scary when you have an unseen roommate that’s cohabiting with you and making your home very uncomfortable to the point you just want to get out of there.

Unfortunately, this was the situation for TikTok user @slamuri who frequently shares videos on his TikTok channel detailing his experience living in a home that he claims harbors a lot of secrets and has had a lot of disturbing occurrences happen on the premises. And let me tell you, this video is disturbing.


In this video, you can hear a clicking sound before he opens the door and turns on the light. Once he enters the room, he begins to breathe heavily and almost immediately afterwards, an eerie distorted whisper says something that viewers in the comments believed mentioned “family.” He instantly took off running down his stairs afterwards and presumably left his house.

Uhhh….we don’t blame him!

Viewers in the comments were just as spooked.

“Not me hiding in the comments,” said one commenter. To which another TikTok user responded “And I’m hiding behind you, were hiding together.”

While his spooky videos are pretty popular on TikTok so I’m not sure what his plans are regarding staying the home, but as for us, we’ have to find another niche because it’s likely we’d be out of there!