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Man Recreates $445 Chandelier Using Items From Dollar Tree

So luxurious and so cheap.

Having a statement piece in your home is a must. Whether it’s piece of artwork or a bold piece of furniture, having something in your home that’s so stunning it speaks for itself, is always a good idea.

For TikTok DIY maven @onthecheaptip, also known as the “Dollar Tree MacGyver” his statement piece is his DIY metal chandelier. Inspired by the $445 Selamat 3 Tier Chandelier, he created this piece saving hundreds of dollars using items from the Dollar Tree. Let us tell you, the final result is stunning!


Talk about an instant upgrade! Looking at the finished project, we would’ve never thought the chandelier was a DIY project using materials purchased at the Dollar Tree! We’re blown away that he created this beautiful chandelier using a poster board and decorative tiles. This DIY is so impressive and creative.

People in the comments were amazed by the outcome as well. “Wow very nice! You did a great job,” one TikTok user commented. “You are amazing,” another follower wrote. “Awesome work,” @mariamarquez2456 wrote. "Great job. A lot of creativity,” @joseantonio561 commented. TikTok user @karfrisa36 wrote “That looks so beautiful.” “I just seen these in the Dollar Tree yesterday and picked it up thinking ‘what can I do with this?’ LOL. GREAT IDEA,” @watcherofstars commented.

It may not be an exact replica, but his DIY version of the three tier chandelier is stunning in itself!