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Man Recycles Wine Bottles Into the Coolest Drinkware

And he uses both the top and bottom halves!

Too many times we have something in our houses that we would love to do something with, but usually just winds up in the trash. That is why we here at DenGarden appreciate and show off those people who are creative enough to come up with a use for those same things, things that would ordinarily just be tossed out but instead become useful treasures that then get used constantly instead.

So when we saw Tiktok dad Brian taking old wine bottles and turning them into useable drinkware (not just that, but using the top AND bottom to do so), we had to feature him here!


Brian is fairly well known on TikTok for taking old glass bottles and turning them into something new, including whiskey and beer bottles, and more. And what comes out is truly functional drinkware, such as cups and shot glasses. But up until now he’s rarely shown off what he does with the top of the bottles that he cuts up, making some wonder if those halves just get tossed or if it would be possible to do something with them.

Enter the wine bottle - cut in half with a clever cutting technique and a mix of very hot, then super cold water that provides the perfect ‘snap’. The bottom of the wine bottle is then set aside for use in another creation before Brian gets to work sanding and smoothing the rim of the once-bottle. It takes quite a bit of work at this stage to get it completely smoothed down since no one wants to cut their lip on fresh-cut glass, but in the end, it is complete.

A new wooden base is brought out before a cork-stopped is glued into place, then the former wine top is flipped and sealed with said cork, creating a leak-proof bottom, and voila! Brand new, perfectly useable glass out of something most of us would just throw in the trash!

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